* COVID-19 * 

The safety of our team & customers is our number one priority.

We want to assure you that our team are following strict hygiene guidelines whilst cleaning & packaging your parcel.

Any orders that are needing to be cancelled due to the outbreak, will be given credit extensions. This will not include orders that have already been sent.

Thank you so much for your continued business & support surrounding this tough time. We will get through this! 

* *  

To opt for your order to be delivered to your doorstep, simply select ' Express Return Shipping ' at check out. 


1. What is my final fee?

A. Your Hire Fee
B. $30 Express Return Postage Fee
C. A $50 [refundable] Bond
D. $10 [optional] Insurance

All fees (excluding a bond) must be paid up front in order to secure a date. These fees (excluding a bond) are non-refundable.


2. What does the shipping fee include?

A. Your outfit express shipped to you

B. Forward Postal Insurance

C. An Express Return Label 

D. Basic Dry Cleaning


3. What date do I select?

A. For weekend orders, simply select your hire event date to Monday. 
You are welcome to leave any delivery requirements in the ' order notes ' section. If no order notes have been placed, we will lodge your parcel appropriately.

B. For weekday orders, simply select your hire event date - to the following day. Again, you are welcome to leave any ' order notes ' for our team!


4. What is the postage time frame? 

** Due to the current pandemic, Australia Post are incurring delays.
There are fewer domestic flights and an increased volume of parcels as more people start shopping online. **

We will always try to accommodate for the ' last minute ' customer, however, giving our team plenty of notice prior to your booking, will ensure your order is sent earlier to avoid potential delays!

A. Our hire parcels are sent on different days of the week. Lodgement dates rely on multiple factors such as the previous weekend return, dry cleaning, time of order etc. If you have a specific delivery day in mind, ensure this date is written within your order notes. 

* Click here to calculate your delivery period. Enter our Post Office suburb 5038 South Plympton - to your personal postcode. If you require assistance, simply contact us. *

To track your order simply press here and enter your personal tracking code.

As we use Australia Post, the responsibility falls entirely on Australia Post to deliver on time. We cannot be held responsible for Australia Post redirection routes or rules. Responsibility for incorrect shipping address' is at the customer expense. 


5. Why do I have to pay a bond?

A. It isn't unusual for rental companies of any genre to charge a bond prior to hiring a product. Your bond is 100% refundable provided no Term & Condition has been breached. Choosing to ignore bond payment email requests will result in a cancellation with no refund or credit. 

6. Tell me about the bond. 

A. Your bond is not included within your hire fee or postage fee. The amount will depend on the number of hire items you purchase and will range from $50 - $100. 
B. Without a bond screenshot confirmation, we are unable to lodge your order. We cannot be held liable for a late bond deposit, therefore affecting a postage time. If you do not want to take this risk, simply pay your bond immediately by request. 

C. Bonds are held by LMA for the hiring and laundering duration (please visit Q14). If no T&C has been breached, bonds are fully refundable via the same deposit mechanism. 

A bond loss may occur from a late lodgement, incorrect lodgement, damage etc.


7. Why is the bond only requested on the ' week of ' my event?

A. Considering most of our clients book their garments weeks, if not months in advance, we do not wish to charge you an extra fee within check out.

To make things finically easier, our bonds are only requested to be transferred as a separate amount, the Monday before an event.

B. If for any reason you are stressed or believe you may miss this email due to an upcoming holiday, inconsistent email checking etc, certainly feel free to contact us to pay your bond at an earlier date. We have absolutely no preference and only wish to work within your schedule. 


8. Where is my parcel?

A. Our parcels are registered and fully trackable with Australia Post. Monitor your parcel every day to ensure there are no delays. Parcels that do not have enough delivery address information will be delayed. If Australia Post attempts the delivery unsuccessful, your parcel will be redirected to the nearest post office for collection.


9. My order has not arrived on time. What happens now?
A. Keep a close eye on your personal tracking code. This is exactly what your tracking code is for. If you have any concerns about your order becoming delayed please contact us immediately during the working week before 5pm. We will then proceed by contacting Australia Post. You may wish to get the ball rolling in the meantime and contact Australia Post also on 13 76 78. 
B. If we have sufficient evidence to show the parcel was lodged on time at our end, we, unfortunately, cannot offer a refund. If the delay is purely due to Australia Post not fulfilling their duty, we will request that you still receive the package on the later date and return the parcel same day. Once the parcel has arrived back to us, we will refund your postage + bond & credit you a full voucher with no expiry.  
On the very rare occasion, sometimes these delivery delays do occur by Australia Post. They are super frustrating, however with sufficient notice, usually, we are always able to source a solution. We do apologise for any inconvenience surrounding this matter.  


10. I can't find my parcel. What do I do?

A. Orders placed with LMA often include extra postal insurance and a signature required unless otherwise specified by you, the customer. When a parcel has been marked ' delivered ', it is no longer covered under our postal insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure there is a safe delivery. Do not allow the parcel to be left in an open space. If a parcel is lost/ stolen after delivery, the customer is liable for the full replacement fee.
B. If the incorrect address was supplied on your order please contact us immediately. In hopes the item has not been delivered to the incorrect address you supplied, we may be able to change this address via Australia Post. If the delivery has already been made, you will be asked to pay the RRP in order to replace the potential lost garment.

11. What happens if the outfit is damaged?

A. Garments go through quality checklists prior to each hire. These checklists are conducted by multiple LMA staff and a mending team. Our team treat every single garment with the utmost care.

In the very unlikely case you have recieved a faulty garment
, please contact us immediately. You will be required to send picture's of the area with proof of time. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may offer a discount code or credit to compensate. Postage fees are non-refundable. 

Keep in mind garments have been photographed therefore, it is highly unlikely damages have been missed.

B. We always recommend selecting the Insurance Option. This way you are covered if damages do occur on your end.

If you have damaged your garment, simply forward images of the damage with a brief description at your earliest convenience. It is still important to return the garment on time. The garment will then recieve immediate assessment upon on arrival. Mending fees, dry cleaning fees or the RRP may be charged if the Insurance Option was not selected.


12. My dress is creased. What did I do?

A. Each and every garment is steamed after dry cleaning and steamed again prior to an order. In order for a garment to be shipped, it has to be folded into a parcel. We try to do this fold as loose as possible however please be realistic with your expectations. A crease of any sort, is unfortunately just unavoidable. 

B. Pull your garment out of the packaging and hang it on a coat hanger. Leave it for a few hours. If this does not get the crease out of the fabric, place a thin piece of material on top of the garment and use a very light iron steam over the crease. Please be mindful to not over heat the material.


13. I did not wear the outfit, can I get a refund or credit?

A. We, unfortunately, do not offer refunds, exchanges or credits for circumstances such as change of mind, an event date cancellation or incorrect sizing. We apologise for any inconveniences surrounding this matter. 


14. How/ when do I return my garment?

Rent, Wear, Return. It's that easy!

After using & accumulating thousands of plastic post bags each year, we have decided to change to a recyclable format. We are now using parcels from ' Hero Packaging ' which are made from " home-compostable materials, mainly corn starch and PBAT (a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together)."

This means instead of your typical plastic post bag adding to landfill, the Hero parcels completely break down within 90 - 120 days in a home-compostable environment. Also, alternatively to us sending 2 plastic parcels (1 forward & 1 return), we will now be sending 1 Hero parcel to be reused!

A. So... what to do - we ask that you please be careful when opening the original parcel. As mentioned just above, we would like you to re use it! We recommend using scissors to carefully glide the parcel open towards the top flap.

Inside your parcel you will find an envelope which contains your pre paid Return Express Label. Stick this label on top of the original label, place your hire garment inside the parcel and seal shut (the post office may assist you with this)!

B. Ensure your parcel is return lodged before 12pm Monday. 

The parcel must be handed to an attendant to receive an immediate scan. This scan is important as it shows us the time, date and location of the parcel. Once the parcel has been scanned, the responsibility is taken off you and falls on Australia Post.

C. It is important to note, we charge a flat fee of $20 each day a return is late. Late fees may be taken from bonds and are unavoidable. 

D. If you hired for a weekday event, parcels must be return lodged to a post office the following day before 4pm. 

E. It is your responsibility to look after the return label.
A lost return label will be at your expense.

Tracking codes are recorded and movements are monitored 24/7.


15. I returned my parcel so where is my bond?

A. Please be patient with the return of your bond.

There are many factors that play into a smooth bond return process:

1 - Your ' on time ' return lodgement
2 - Australia Post's ' on time ' delivery
3 - Examination of the garment
4 - Dry cleaning lodgement 
5 - Dry cleaning itself
6 - Dry cleaning collection + final evaluation
Once all steps have been completed (allow roughly 5 business days), clients will recieve a ' bond return ' email. The bond will be returned via the same deposit mechanism! 
* We are not accepting delivery addresses to accommodations such as hotels, hostels, Airbnb's etc. The deliveries are deemed unreliable. *
We wish to make this process as easy as possible for you so please do not hesitate to contact us if your question was not covered or if you simply require further details.