Last Minute Apparel now offer an Insurance option.

A minimum damage fee can cost anywhere between $15 - $100 however the LMA Insurance option covers clients for most potential damages that occur on a night out. Simply select ' YES ' to the Insurance option upon securing a garment. The LMA Insurance option covers all damages such as:

  • Broken zips
  • Minor material splits
  • Small holes
  • Broken straps
  • Loose/ lost buttons, jewels
  • Stains

Please note - the LMA Insurance does not cover damages that ruin a garment. If a garment is beyond repair, the full RRP will be charged. The LMA Insurance is strictly only available to clients upon booking payment prior to an event date.

Do not alter hire garment/s in any way. Altering may include: safety pins, stitching or applying heavy holly wood tape. The LMA Insurance does not cover self altering.

By selecting ' NO ' to the Insurance option, clients will be held liable for all damage fees that occur during a hire period including but not limited to mending fees, heavy stain dry cleaning, missed hire booking charges etc. 

Contact Last Minute Apparel immediately with any damages. Forward images of the damage with a brief description. It is important to return the hire garment on time. Last Minute Apparel will then assess the damages and charge appropriately.

Clients are to be mindful of ink including stamps, dirt, floors, lipstick, red wine and heaters.

Clients will not recieve hire refunds for minor faults.



Last Minute Apparel recommend clients to apply fake tan the night before + shower, prior to wearing a hire garment. This is due to potential permanent stains tan can cause. LMA can easily detect if a client has applied tan whilst wearing a hire garment which may result in multiple dry cleaning fees/ RRP. 

Thank you.